Mission and Vision


To unite individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, striving to enhance both sustainable technology and infrastructure. Through this collaboration, we seek to empower communities with open access to information, ensuring that knowledge remains an asset for all.

In today's digital age, information is the cornerstone of power. It is a common sentiment to safeguard this asset, often monetizing it. Yet, the fundamental ethos of Open Source Planet is to aggregate and disseminate knowledge, shifting the power dynamics from a select few back to the broader populace. 



Collaboration among individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise is imperative for societal advancement. Forging synergistic alliances between enterprises, professionals, and communities at large is a pivotal tenet of the Open Source Planet movement.


The digital landscape has undergone significant evolution over the past decade, rendering online security paramount. Mandating companies to uphold stringent standards for user data management and protection is a fundamental principle of the Open Source Planet movement.


Advocating for international collaboration and fostering partnerships among nations, institutions, and businesses is essential for the enhancement of internet and sustainable energy infrastructures. This remains a core endeavour of the Open Source Planet movement.


To establish a decentralized, collaborative platform that promotes the free exchange of information and ideas. This platform endeavours to harness the collective intellect and expertise of a global community, ensuring that knowledge is not just a privilege for the few but a right for all. Central to this is the creation of an uncensored, transparent, and meritocratic environment where contributions are valued, and innovation thrives. Through this platform, we aim to catalyse societal progress, transcending barriers of race, religion, or political affiliation, by uniting individuals with shared objectives and a passion for positive change.


Phase one includes the collection of information in the subject areas on the front page. I hope to gain support and help from others who share the same vision for free and uncensored information. The source code for the website is open-sourced and available for anyone to fork and edit. Additions to the website will be greatly appreciated. Creators and intellectuals who wish to open source their work will be rewarded in the later phases. Collaboration is an absolute necessity for the further development of our society. The goal of phase one is to create a website and attract people who are like minded to build a new platform for idea collaboration.


Phase two begins the non-static website. A forum will be introduced for people to collaborate on ideas and projects. A decentralized network will begin to be implemented to ensure a censorship free environment. Phase two will be the begining of the Idea Collaboration System or ICS. Users can generate a new idea and browse other user's ideas. Users can submit work to other user's ideas to increase the overall value. Users will have a reputation score that determines how their applied work increases the to overall score of ideas. The goal of phase two is the start laying the foundation for the ICS and a decentralized network for it run on aswell as grow and attract more people to the system of collaboration.


Phase three moves the entire platform to a decentralized network allowing for no one entity to have control and providing a fully censorship free environment. The functionality of the ICS platform will be expanded as well. Ideas will fall into categories and users will have reputation scores in each category allowing people who are experts in certain fields to have more say and ensure that bad information is not spread and believed by people who do not know any better. This will allow for a self sustaining system where ideas are shared and agreed upon by the masses. Reputation will be gained by submitted original ideas that get validated by others with higher reputation scores and by submitting work to another user's idea. The goal of phase three is to fully decentralise the system and create an environment for people from all across the globe regardless of race, religion, of political affiliation to collaborate in an effective and world changing manner.